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The Executive Wing provides qualified candidates for the energy and oil industries, which are evolving at a rapid pace. Market changes present unique challenges to energy and oil companies, and they need highly skilled leaders who are able to meet these challenges effectively.

We use a dedicated search process to identify the leaders in the energy and oil industry which makes it possible for businesses like yours to choose from among the best candidates in today’s marketplace.

Our team helps you find experienced candidates with a background in the energy and oil sector and individuals who have the expertise to carry out the research and development tasks required in energy production and distribution.

The experience and industry relationships of The Executive Wing provides us with the top-level professionals in this and other related industries. Energy and oil companies seek to recruit the top talent to fill their leadership positions. We provide the right individuals to become C-suite executives and fill other senior roles.

Energy and oil companies need to expand their capabilities and infuse greater creativity in their organizations. They must ensure that they are increasing productivity over time and raising the value of their reserves.

A more competitive marketplace has created a shortage in qualified individuals who can perform in the energy and oil industry, but candidates still must have a broad range of skills sets and expertise. They need to be able to face a number of obstacles that are unique to the energy industry. This includes the changing landscape of energy projects.

Joint ventures and other collaborations are becoming the norm. This requires leadership abilities that are adaptable to a variety of circumstances. The rise of international oil companies is placing a higher demand on senior talent in the energy and oil industry. In order for businesses to succeed, they need a more reliable method of attracting and recruiting the best candidates available.

The Executive Wing has built long-term relationships with the clients and candidates we serve. We familiarize candidates with the needs of your company so that you’ll only be presented with the right individuals for your positions.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience related to the energy and oil industry. We understand the opportunities that are available for candidates, and we determine which ones can fulfill the many responsibilities related to your operations. These include the planning of drilling, budget management, and asset deployment.

The Executive Wing is committed to providing premier services in interviewing and placing individuals for your team. Energy and oil professionals must meet the demands while having the ability to lead their organizations towards increased growth and success, and we begin with exhaustive market research and use state-of-the-art technology when identifying leaders within your industry.

We take the time to understand your needs and the skill sets that are critical to the position for which you’re hiring. Our team guides you through the entire process including the recruiting, interviewing, and screening phases.

The Executive Wing develops strategies for interviewing and debriefing candidates. This makes it easy to streamline the hiring process. In addition, we manage the offer and closing stages and follow up to ensure that you’ve selected the best candidate available.

We take the time to monitor the progress of every new placement and provide the resources to answer all of your questions and address any existing concerns. With our help, you’ll maximize the return on your investment and meet all of your business objectives.


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