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The fabrication industry is always in need of qualified and highly-skilled individuals. The Executive Wing provides executive search services for a wide range of industries including fabrication and manufacturing. We specialize in meeting the needs of custom and engineered fabrication companies including Tool and Mold Shops and understand what types of skilled candidates they need to successfully grow their businesses.

Our Principles and Associates have experience working with companies in machine manufacturing, welding, metal forging, CNC plasma cutting, laser welding, machining for castings, tools and molds and other fabrication specializations. This experience gives us the insight to help you locate the best executives for your organization.

Fabrication companies produce the components used in a variety of manufacturing processes. They can also be responsible for the transport of assembled products, which requires an understanding of logistics and distribution.

The fabrication industry plays a valuable role in manufacturing. They manipulate materials into functional equipment and pieces that are used in a wide range of projects. The leaders within a fabrication organization must possess many skills that help them oversee the different phases of manufacturing.

Manufacturers in the automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, and aerospace industries rely on fabricators to provide the specialized equipment they use to manufacture their products. This makes fabrication one of the most vital industries in the global economy.

Engineering skills are vital to candidates looking to thrive in the fabrication industry. They must possess the skills and vision to build complex machines and machine tools from raw materials that will be used as a component of other products and systems.

The Executive Wing identifies those candidates who have an understanding of how fabrication works and the responsibilities required when producing machinery and structures. They must work in the face of market changes that are driven by the evolving economy and demands of consumers.

Creating efficiency in your manufacturing process with the leadership skills and expertise of our candidates is essential to the growth of your business. Fabrication executives must be familiar with the fabrication process and tools used in order to meet the changing demands and optimize the manufacturing process.

The ability to visualize the end products is critical to the fabrication industry, and having a base of knowledge in design is an extremely valuable skill required by fabrication executives. Having the right leaders on your team maximizes the revenue of your business.

The Executive Wing provides executive job recruitment services that are personalized to your unique needs. This results in long-term benefits for you and the candidates we provide your business with.

We are an executive search firm made up of experienced recruiters who are in sync with today’s evolving marketplace. Our approach is based on exhaustive market research, an understanding of the industries we serve, and our mission to provide the most innovative executive search services available.

We’ve completed more than 2000 client searches in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Mexico, and have raised the bar in executive search since 2008. We identify the best candidates available and ensure that they meet your business needs.

We have a wide talent pool that’s a result of our long-term relationships with industry leaders and the candidates we serve. This lets us provide the best results when placing candidates in fabrication companies who need a unique set of skills to succeed.

The Executive Wing has established a proven track record that has led more than 80 percent of our clients to consistently rely on us when finding new executives or skilled talent for their teams.


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